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CPP 172 - C++ For Beginners (BYO)

5 days, instructor led, classroom training using your computer insatead of one of our computers  $1,495

Click here to registerCompare the price of this course with the price of the same course when we supply the computer.  If you wish to learn C++ in a UNIX environment, you can do it. You will be using your own computer.  We supply you with the exercise files. You supply any environment you want.

This course covers the syntax of the ANSI C++ programming language in a way that will teach the student to write small but meaningful pieces of C++ code.  Covering the syntax of the language means providing a combination of lectures, course notes and exercises describing the key words and operators added by the ANSI C++ Standard to the ANSI C language. In addition, the student will learn how to perform input and output involving the keyboard, screen, and file system.

Prerequisites: This course assumes that you already understand the C language syntax especially C language structures and pointers