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MGT 151 - Web Based Projects

One day    $495

This course introduces software project managers to the special challenges that come with developing web based software

What is web based software?

Web-based B2B projects employ a wide-ranging set of technologies including TCP/IP, HTTP, messaging, e-commerce, supply chain management, EDI, XML, Java, .Net, CORBA and various middleware. In addition, Web-based applications have a unique set of security challenges and considerations

What are the business goals of web based software?

  • Create new business opportunities
  • Enhance existing business
  • Improved access to customers, vendors and partners all over the world
  • Quick deployment
  • Leverage existing infrastructure
  • Why should your manager take this course?

    Manager is out of your hair for a whole day!

    Manager learns business impact of technical issues that affect

  • Supply chain management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Relationships with partners