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MGT 154 - Project Management

4 days   $1,195

This course provides the tools you need to plan and lead a software project in the 21st century. You will receive a solid grounding in project management fundamentals reinforced by hands-on exercises, useful checklists and references to standards


  • Project managersClick to register for this course
  • Team leads
  • Quality assurance
  • Benefits and Objectives

    You will learn how to

  • Identify traditional and object oriented life cycle stages
  • Choose life cycles that match project needs
  • Identify development stages
  • Measure the progress of each stage of development
  • Tell the difference between a project and a black hole
  • Recognize traits that make a project feasable
  • Prepare reliable estimates
  • Predict staffing requirements
  • Spot potential bugs before anybody writes code
  • Manage change by recognizing natural project constituencies and their predictable effects on project development
  • Identify techniques for managing project risk