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Analysis, management and quality issues have been part of our profession since the beginning, but the World Wide Web has added a new dimension.  Every project is now - at least potentially - a multi user, multi tasking, multi processor program distributed across the entire world.  Specifying, developing, and testing these programs doesnít have to depend on luck.

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Learn techniques that help minimize surprises. Smoke out hidden requirements. Learn to develop reliable estimates.

Software Requirements (with Estimating)

Admiral Grace Hopper once said that you manage things; you lead people.  Both people issues and technology issues are discussed in this series of courses

Software Project Management

This hands-on course describes the testing issues that arise when you try to deploy applications in an environment that is mullti user, multi tasking, distributed, and inherently insecure.

Testing Web Applications

You canít manage what you canít measure. Claire Lohr wrote a great course on Metrics. It goes well with either project management courses, requirements writing, or testing courses.

Software Metrics