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XML 150 - Introduction to XML Programming

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$2,4954 (US)

Click here to register5 days, instructor led,  hands-on labs.  This course is offered in a modern classroom setting with state of the art equipment. If you have your own

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This course will teach you more than just the syntax of XML, DTD, CSS, XSLT, XML namespaces and xml schemas.  You will get significant hands-on experience creating XML documents that represent business forms and database tables, displaying XML forms in the browser of your choice, validating XML documents against DTDs and schemas, and transforming XML documents into plain vanilla HTML and other formats


Create well formed XML documents from varions sources
Know the mechanics of validating XML documents
Know the strengths and weaknesses of DTDs as a validating tool
Gain hands on experience using CSS to display a simple XML document
Understand how XML namespaces improve the practical usability of XML in a business environment
Gain hands on experience using schemas to validate XML documents
Gain hands on experience transforming XML documents using XSLT


Prospective students should meet at least one of the following

  • Knowledge of at least one computer language and experience creating computer programs, or
  • Knowledge of SQL and experience creating relational databases, or
  • Knowledge of HTML and experience creating web pages
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