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In addition to traditional 5 day XML courses in modern training facilities, we also offer weekend and evening courses at reduced tuition. You provide properly configured computers. We provide top quality courseware at a significant savings.  We offer several of these courses and we add more each month. Our BYO courses for XML are listed below.  For other BYO courses, click here


XML 112

This is a two day intro course that we like to offer on Saturdays. You learn basic XML syntax and how to display XML in a browser.  The material in this course is the first day of our five day Intro to XML course -- XML 150

XML 114

If your free time comes in evenings instead of weekends, XML 114 offers the same information as XML 112, just spread out over four evenings -- usually Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings




XML 150
XML 112
XML 114 (eve)