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Why Business Programmers Should Care About Embedded SystemsAuthor

If you are a business programmer, embedded systems will drive every aspect of the enterprise over the next ten years. The fact that we are able to measure things and movements and environments that we couldn't measure before is going to create mountains of data that somebody is going to want to mine. That is going to create network and bottlenecks that somebody is going to make money solving. Somebody is going to want to see that data displayed and an Excel spread sheet just won't cut it. Somebody is going to want to see relationships that will make your database gag.

Embedded systems is not in many job descriptions today, but most of today's programming jobs will either be outsourced or eliminated in the next five years. You are going to need a plan "B" and this body of knowledge looks really interesting.

Arthur Kevin McGrath


October 25, 2006


The author is an engineer with the consulting firm, Contract Engineers. He has consulted and lectured extensively since 1987 about the infrastructure that makes electronic commerce possible

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