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Arthur Kevin McGrath

Kevin teaches programming courses, management courses, and quality assurance courses. He has taught in the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Sweden, Ireland, and Scotland.

Michael Trachtman

Michael teaches quite a few topics well. He has a lot of experience teaching Enterprise Java Beans, the Unified Modeling Language, various Java programming topics, C and C++, and Object-Oriented analysis and design topics. As president of Eloquence.com, Michael Trachtman specializes in helping companies absorb and understand new technologies. Michael is a published author, writing about leading-edge technologies and their impact on business world-wide. Michael has been issued patents in GUI design, and has pending patents in Web-Learning and other technologies.  Michael's core technical interests are in designing effective Web sites for Fortune 500 and other major firms worldwide, using Java, XML and other technologies.  Michael has had a very diverse training, including graduate degrees in Math and Computer Science and signficant research in cognitive psychology. Michael built his first computer when he was 10 years old, and has been off and running ever since. Michael's special talent is his ability to explain complex topics to a wide range of both very technical and non technical audiences. Michael blends his teaching style, writing abilities and highly advanced technical skills together, to successfully coach, teach, guide, and mentor his students to new levels of effectiveness, ability and understanding; thereby helping their employers become more successful and competitive.

Stephen Hawthorne

Stephen is a UNIX™/Network instructor with over 15 years experience.  As the Systems Architect for a UNIX™ based ISP in the Pittsburgh area, Stephen has practical, hands-on experience in the topics he teaches

James “Hoagy” Carmichael

James is a Senior Network Instructor with experiences that range from F-14 electrical systems to ATM optical networks. 

Claire L. Lohr, CSQE

As President of Lohr Systems, Ms. Lohr is an internationally recognized consultant in the fields of software quality assurance and testing. She manages the development of Quality Assurance and Independent Test programs that assist both U. S. and European clients to conform to DoD, IEEE, and ISO standards. She is the author of numerous training classes and has been teaching continuing education world-wide for over fifteen years. Ms. Lohr is currently both an author and an instructor for ASQ. She is the Education and Training Chair for the American Society for Quality (ASQ's) Software Division, Chair of the Training Group of the Washington DC Software Process Improvement Network (DC SPIN), and Testing Standards Chair for the IEEE. Ms. Lohr has been in the software field since she received her B.S. in Computer Engineering in 1968 and has specialized in Software Process Improvement (SPI) for fifteen years.  She currently lectures on these topics regularly in the U.S., Canada, Europe.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie teaches project management, C, C++ and Java. She has 23 years of experience teaching a very demanding clientele